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Magic Rust Eraser Sponge is Powerful and Remove Dirties

  • Could be use to Many kinds of Kitchenware
  • Bring you a healthy and clean kitchen.
  • Easy Cleaning ,Enjoy cooking .

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Magic Rust Eraser Sponge Clean most of dust and stain without detergent. It Can be cut into any sizes so that it can be of a suitable shape.Good for clean sink, bathroom, refrigerator and range hood Rust on Cookwares etc.

How to Use:

  • Soak Magic Rust Eraser Sponge in the water, squeeze out water slightly;
  • Strong decontamination Magic will clean Just touch water Can clean the stubborn stains Effectively improve the focal
  • Yellow rust cutting board The pressure cooker to polish the fry pan Can also sharpen oh Is only limited to do less
  • than where clean Heavy oil has better effect to use with warm water and detergent to cooperate
    Special remind: coating smooth kitchen utensils and careful!


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