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Child Safety Adjustable Lock 5 Pcs White Color

  • Very Simple to Install
  • Super Effective
  • Kids cannot open Doors, Drawers, Cabinet and Fridge

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Child Safety Adjustable Lock is a great tool to protect kids. Kids like to handle drawers, doors, cabinets etc and when they do, then often hurt their hands and fingers.
With this simple and easy to use child safety lock, you can make sure that your kids do not play with drawers, doors, cabinets, etc and are unable to open them.
The cloth belt connection makes the product better flexible, easily applicable to any place around the corner, and makes sure that there are no scratches on your furniture.
The Cute design, does not hamper the overall look and beauty of your furniture.

Directions for use:

  1.  Must wipe off the dust / oil / water and the like before applying the Lock.
  2. After applying the Lock, leave it for few hours before user.
  3. Do not try to pull it immediately after applying, it will affect the sticky tape
  4. Do not touch the adhesive tape surface

Material: Plastic
Size: 20cm X 5cm/7.8inch X 1.95inch

Package Contains: 5 Child Safety Adjustable Lock White Color

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