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Baby Drawer Cabinet Locks

  • Is Applicable for locking various cupboards doors and drawers in home.
  • Prevent children from opening and causing damage.
  • High quality material.

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Baby Drawer Cabinet Locks is the most widely used of a baby safety locks. This stuff is very practical and applications are widely used. Can be used in drawers, doors, refrigerators, washer and dryer.

Modern household furniture, doors and drawers are easy to open and close. Children at play are careless and easy grip handle so can be causing injury. After pasting the Baby Drawer Cabinet LocksĀ  the adult can easily open but children are not easy to open.

It can be used to open the door to prevent the baby arbitrary, grind your fingers and damaged because items or items falling inside hurt the baby

Can also be applied on dishwasher, toilet and other supplies equipment. It can prevent the baby from opening, eating or messing up the items inside. Helps to avoid accidents

Instructions for use:

  1. must be wiped off the dust pasting / oil / water and the like before use , in order to maintain a clean veneer .
  2. the release paper on the tape peeled off , with the beat pasting .
  3. paste, sticky tape after 24 hours the adhesive force will be completely cured and cement . ( Do not just paste when they try to pull it, it will affect the sticky tape )
  4. Do not touch the adhesive surface

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